Behind the Green Door, or, a union and the Ontario government–strange bedfellows?

The Ottawa Citizen recently reported on the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) meetings in Ottawa August 18-23 and in particular the fact that 62 municipalities had declared themselves “unwilling hosts” to industrial wind turbines.
Those 62 communities (now 65) were simply taking Premier Wynne at her word based on her government’s Throne Speech:
“Your government intends to work with municipalities on other issues, too. …They must have a voice in their future and a say in their integrated, regional development. So that local populations are involved from the beginning if there is going to be a gas plant or a casino or a wind plant or a quarry in their hometown. Because our economy can benefit from these things, but only if we have willing hosts.” Continue reading

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Legal test of Ontario’s green energy process begins in Shelburne

Charter of Rights & Freedoms

An appeal surrounding the province’s decision to grant Dufferin Wind Power Inc. approval to build a 99 MW wind farm in Melancthon has evolved into a case of fundamental human rights.

There is no might, could, or maybe about it, lawyers for the Ministry of the Environment (MOE) argued before Ontario’s Environmental Tribunal (ERT) in Shelburne on Tuesday (Aug. 20).

Those claiming the province’s Renewable Energy Approval (REA) processes are unlawful and violate the Canadian Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms must prove it beyond any doubt.

“The benefit of the doubt must go to the (province),” argued MOE lawyer Fredericka Rotter. “The onus on the appellants is very high.”

The 19-day hearing will focus on the wind project’s impact on human and environmental health, along with a constitutional test of the REA process

Legal test of Ontario’s green energy process begins in Shelburne.

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Thunder Bay Old Growth Maple Forest Endangered

THUNDER BAY – Editorial – The old growth Maple Forest on the Nor’Wester Mountains is facing a challenge. The Nor’Wester Mountain Escarpment is the proposed site for a wind farm. Right now ‘tree trimming’ is underway. It appears more like pre-construction efforts as seven kilometres of trails up to three metres wide in places are being put in place.

Old Growth Maple – Image courtesy of NetNewsLedger & James Murray

Thunder Bay Maple Forest Experience It

Until you visit the site, and see the scope of the project, and realize that the base of each turbine is about one city block in space, and will require a clear cutting of those trees, if the Ontario Government approved the project, it is hard to fully understand what we are at risk of losing. – See more at:    

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Why Thunder Bay City Council is not Talking

Several attempts have been made by citizens to obtain information pertaining to the planned Horizon Wind, however every attempt has been met with total silence.  The only one willing to mention anything is our Mayor and even his answer is as follows: ” I would love to respond but I have been told that if I comment publicly or privately for that matter I will get sued and the city will not cover my legal fees. What is a gagged Mayor to do?”

Perhaps this may have something to do with it.  Anthony Zwig is the President of Swift River Energy and this company is currently suing the Mayor of the Township of Muskoka Lakes, ON as well as a number of other individuals.

Here’s the article that appeared on the website:

The Ministry of the Attorney General’s Office has confirmed they’ve received a claim from Swift River Energy Limited (SREL) seeking $3 million dollars in damages and an apology from the Township of Muskoka Lakes, its Mayor Alice Murphy, Councilor Brad Burgess and other unnamed individuals.

continued at the link below

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Summer BBQ!

Thursday August 22, 2013

6pm – 8pm

Neebing Roadhouse



Vegetarian Burgers Available Upon Request

$20.00 per person

$10.00 per child 10 & under

Cash Only

ATM Available, Gratuities Not Included

Additional Information

Please Contact: Jan @ 473-8067


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Just how big are they?

Those who support the Big Thunder Wind Park often say, what’s the big deal, they aren’t that big and you won’t even see them (according to Horizon we won’t)

Well to help give you a better visual of what they will look like in comparison to other large land marks within the city (large buildings), I’ve come up with the following diagram which I would say is accurate within 5ft or about 1.5m for you metric folks.

I think it speaks for itself doesn’t it?

Horizon towers vs. Thunder Bay Landmarks

Horizon towers vs. Thunder Bay Landmarks

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Horizon Wind starts “trimming trees” even though REA has yet to be approved!

Horizon put out a newsletter recently claiming that they were going to being conducting tests and “tree trimming” even though the City of Thunder Bay’s lawyer in April 2011 upon settling the lawsuit with Horizon expressed to both Council and the public that “not a tree would be cut until ALL APPROVALS AND PERMITS WERE IN PLACE”.

Here is what Horizon has been doing this week — full road construction of approximately 1 km, cutting over 100 year old hardwood maple trees (rare to our area) and running over creek beds.

This is both outrageous and provocative behaviour on the part of the Developer, showing no respect for either the City, Municipality of Neebing, Fort William First Nation, the residents or the Provincial Process for a Renewable Energy Contract.
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